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A Small Saturday Night Feast

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The Skinny:  My brother had a small get together over the weekend and served us some food.  From Whole Food Market, he bought Bucheron Montchevre, Mimolette Young, King Island Seal Bay Triple Cream Cheese, and Mt Sterling Smoked Goat Cheddar.   He also got us Scallops, Baby Squid, really sweet Honey Melons, and Prosciutto.

The Good:  Everything was great, especially the King Island Seal Bay Triple Cream Cheese.  It was like really good Brie because it was creamy, gooey, and had just enough saltiness.

The Bad:  The Bucheron Montchevre was a really gamey Goat Cheese and it just wasn’t for me.

Las Vegas: MGM Wolfgang Puck

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The Skinny: Tucked away inside MGM, Wolfgang Puck modernizes the traditional “bar & grill” concept.  I’ve walked past it many times, but never really thought anything of it until I sat down to eat.  The restaurant has a very garden chic feel to it.  You almost feel like you’re dining in LA until you hear the lovely sounds of the machines in the casino.  My friend and I dined here before a show, definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something trendy & upscale, but not stuffy.

The High: Truffled Potato Chips, Maytag Blue Cheese Sauce.  This is my favorite dish.  It is a brick in your stomach good.  The huge chunks of blue cheese may have been a little bit overkill, but the first bite was an explosion of blue cheese & truffle.  We also had the Chinois Chicken Salad, Candied Peanuts, Crisp Wontons, Chinese Mustard Vinaigrette.  It was one of the best Chinese chicken salad’s I’ve had.  The dressing wasn’t too overpowering as it is in most chicken salads, it was subtle but noticeable.

The Low: BBQ chicken pizza.  I liked the first bite, but after that it didn’t really do anything for me.  I liked how subtle the BBQ taste was, but the flavor just didn’t do it for me.  Maybe BBQ chicken just needs that tangy BBQ taste.

Would you come back again? I suppose so, like I said, a cool place to hang out and people watch, but there are so many places to do that already, I’d probably only come back for the truffle chips.

More Info: www.wolfgangpuck.com

– Sniper Tam *pew pew pew!*