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About TOO MUCH FOOD 24/7

Food. Friends. Fried. Fun. Film.

Beats. BBQs. Bass. Booze. Burgers.

Noodles. Meat. Music……24/7!

We are the TOO MUCH FOOD 24.7 crew…

Sniper Tam (Las Vegas Hitwoman for Hire) –(Click Here for Reviews)

MJ (Los Angeleno Burger Hunting Pirate) – (Click Here for Reviews)

In Hiatus:

ECHO (Los Angeleno Top Shelf Director) – (Click Here for Reviews)

Barbarella (Los Angeleno Finest Diner) – (Click Here for Reviews)

Nom Nom Bobbie (Proud OC Resident Foodie…even if the food isn’t good, she’ll make it look like it is) (Click Here for Reviews)

SeeChou (Displaced Chicagoan Nomster and Coffee Snob) – (Click Here for Reviews)

2 responses

  1. Hello–I’m hoping to get in touch with Sniper Tam:

    I am a researcher for the tv show Eat St. (Cooking Channel, Food Network) and am arranging our film crew’s upcoming trip to Vegas.
    For each segment of our show (one segment = one food truck) we interview a blogger/writer to rave about the truck. I came to your site through the Fukuburger review, so was wondering if whoever wrote it (Sniper Tam?) would want to come down for an interview on Sunday evening?
    Please contact me ASAP to let me know.

    Meribeth Deen

    June 22, 2011 at 7:52 pm

    • Hi Meribeth, she’s kind of MIA…but I’ll forward your request to her.

      June 22, 2011 at 8:39 pm

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