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Las Vegas Bellagio’s Fix

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The Skinny: Contemporary American restaurant owned by the Light Group.  Dim light woodsy atmosphere nestled inside Bellagio Hotel.  A great place to eat before going out to a nightclub or just hanging out in the lounge for a few cocktails.  I was lucky enough to get invited to try their Valentine’s menu which consisted of Osetra Caviar Short stack, Blue Fin Toro Tasting, Lobster Bisque, Smoked Salmon Salad, Truffled Chicken & Shellfish tasting w/ a berry triffle ending.  The food definitely compliments the restaurant atmosphere.

The High: My friend and I started off with the Osetra Caviar Short stack which is Potato Bilinis, Creme Fraiche &  a dapple of domestic caviar.  It was delicious and a great starter. It sort of tasted like a pancake with caviar.   Our second course I ordered the Smoked salmon with wild arugula, lemon,  crisp brioche & salmon caviar.  Definitely not what I expected, when I see arugula, I think salad.  What came out was smoked salmon w/ the brioche.  I’m glad I ordered this because my friend ordered the lobster bisque and it was a pretty heavy for a second course.  It consisted of Lobster “Love Notes” (lobster ravioli), Bottarga & Cognac Cream.  The ravioli was a bit hard, but the bisque was delicious.  For our entree I ordered the shellfish tasting, which consisted of seared scallops ontop of bacon, sauteed spinach, & a potato cake.  The saltiness of the bacon went very well with the scallops, spinach and potato.  It also came with a whole Maine Lobster that had a stuffing in the shell.  It also came with King Crab & Caviar Butter; Lobster Mac & Cheese.  The Lobster Mac & Cheese had a distinctive taste to it, when my friend and I took a bite into it it had a sweet taste to it before it got to the cheesy goodness.  My friend got the Truffled chicken which consisted of Procini Mushrooms, roasted root vegetables & Winter Truffles.  The dish was fantastic & the chicken was very tender.  The Berry Truffle consisted of angel food cake, blueberries, strawberries, champagne & fresh berry caviar.  It was a great ending to the dinner.  I didn’t realize what was at the end until I got to it.  It was a bit mushy, but I finally realized it was the angel food cake soaked with champagne & the juices from the berry, it was a refreshing ending.

The Low: The first course consisted of a Blue Fin Toro Tasting.  I didn’t really like this course.  It came packaged as Sashimi Tartar, seared & topped with a dapple of caviar.  Each one tasted like it had been sitting out too long…..not fishy, but dry.  I could have done without this dish.

Would you come back again? Yes,  I hear their kobe sliders are fantastic & doughnuts are a must try.

More Info: www.bellagio.com.  Reservations recommended.  Look to spend on average $55+ per person based on a 3 course dinner.

Sniper Tam *Pew Pew Pew*

Las Vegas – Lawry’s Prime Rib

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The Skinny: Everyone’s always looking food a good prime rib. I had to try this one out to see what all the talk was about.  Located about 1.5 miles away from the strip in the Howard Hughes plaza.  They’re known for their spinning salads & table side carvings.  Let’s start this journey and see where it takes us

The High: The minute I walked in I felt welcomed. The decor to me makes it feel very retro, and comfortable.  Almost like you stepped into a time warp with the outfits the waitresses are wearing.  They pulled the table completely out so my self and my friend could get in without having to crawl as you would if it was a booth.  A step that amazes me when they actually do it.  We sat down and our waitress presents herself as Mrs …..(i actually wasn’t paying attention to what her name was)  she took our appetizer orders and told us when we are ready Sergio would carve our meat table side.  First, we ordered 2 shrimp cocktails (5 in each order).  The shrimps were pretty big, but the sauce didn’t have the kick I was hoping for.  So the waitress brings me horsradish and WOW that made such a difference.  It was super yummy after that.  She brought out the Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad which consisted of: Crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, shredded beets, chopped egg and croutons, tossed with our exclusive Vintage Dressing spining salad tableside and that was pretty cool.  She was spining an aluminum bowl ontop of a bowl of ice while pouring in the vinegarette.  While we finish our salad Sergio our carver comes by opens the cart of meat and we were in heaven.  I ordered the California cut (I can’t eat that much)  My friend orders the Lawry’s cut which is bone in.  So Sergio prepares your whole dish right in front of you.  From carving the meat to applying the sides, which consisted of :Yorkshire Pudding (bakes in small skillets until puffy + golden brown); mashsed potatoes (whole potatoes, cooked then whipped with milk and butter); whipped cream horseradish.

Once my plate was placed in front of me I dove right into it, well after I took a picture that is.  The flavor of the au jus was very tastey.  I love prime rib if it’s done right, this was done almost right.  I ordered it medium, but I should’ve ordered medium rare, the ends were a little overcooked.  Nonetheless still very flavorful.   The sauteed mushrooms we ordered to accompany our prime rib were awesome.  You really can’t go wrong with sauteed mushrooms. If I wasn’t so full I probably would’ve finished it all, but had to leave some men behind.  Dessert was fantastic,  Hot fudge sundae.  Made me feel like a kid again,  whip cream, ice cream + almonds with LOTS of chocolate syrup.  It was a perfect ending to such a wonderful dinner.  I don’t recommend eating as much as we did, my stomach was about to burst eating that much food, BUT it was the only way I can bring all these goodies to you. So you know what to eat and what not to eat. I missed a few sides, but that’s due to  personal preference.


Would you come back again? Possibly if I have friends in town looking for a really good prime rib.  I would just tell them to rethink the lobster tail though

More Info: website; According to my co-worker, you can dine during the lunch time and have almost the same thing at a cheaper price.  I’ll have to test that theory another day, I still have $25 to spend there.

– Sniper Tam *Pew Pew Pew*