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Pastor’s “Sweet Potato” Pies

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The Skinny: The first time I had these pies was at work and I thought they were a bit sketchy.  The story I got was that one of the bosses had asked this random guy on street what he did the best (like Ted Williams) and he answered “I make the best sweet potato pies.”  So then the Boss-man had Sweet Potato Pie Guy deliver 10 pies to the office.  I was cautious at first but then when I tried a slice, I was completely surprised by how good it was.  It wasn’t overly sweet, the crust was nice and flaky, and the spices were well balanced.  Nothing really exploded in abundance, it was just a nice ride of simple flavors, kind of like having perfectly made lemonade on a Sunday afternoon.  Even memories of my childhood came forward about how pumpkin spice ice cream was favorite flavor.  The pie was just so simple and yet so addictive that I actually thought there was a little extra special something-something in there to make it more enjoyable.  Later on it turned out that the real story is that the pies came from a Pastor who’s a music producer that moonlights as a baker.  I’m not a religious person, but I have to admit there is something special about these pies…if not medicinal.

Robert “Storm” Daniels, the CEO and founder of Pastor’s Pies, does give the option of adding coconut shavings, pecans, a layer of brown sugar, and cheesecake (we think) to the mix.  I say just order the regular version of the Sweet Potato Pie, it’s the best way to enjoy it.   A glass of milk doesn’t hurt either.

I also think Olivia Munn should partner up with this guy and start up a business together….they can call it…Munn Pie…Truck?

More Info: www.facebook.com/pastorspiesDelivery (only): (562)334-0695 Email pastorspies@yahoo.com

– MJ