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Las Vegas Bellagio’s Fix

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The Skinny: Contemporary American restaurant owned by the Light Group.  Dim light woodsy atmosphere nestled inside Bellagio Hotel.  A great place to eat before going out to a nightclub or just hanging out in the lounge for a few cocktails.  I was lucky enough to get invited to try their Valentine’s menu which consisted of Osetra Caviar Short stack, Blue Fin Toro Tasting, Lobster Bisque, Smoked Salmon Salad, Truffled Chicken & Shellfish tasting w/ a berry triffle ending.  The food definitely compliments the restaurant atmosphere.

The High: My friend and I started off with the Osetra Caviar Short stack which is Potato Bilinis, Creme Fraiche &  a dapple of domestic caviar.  It was delicious and a great starter. It sort of tasted like a pancake with caviar.   Our second course I ordered the Smoked salmon with wild arugula, lemon,  crisp brioche & salmon caviar.  Definitely not what I expected, when I see arugula, I think salad.  What came out was smoked salmon w/ the brioche.  I’m glad I ordered this because my friend ordered the lobster bisque and it was a pretty heavy for a second course.  It consisted of Lobster “Love Notes” (lobster ravioli), Bottarga & Cognac Cream.  The ravioli was a bit hard, but the bisque was delicious.  For our entree I ordered the shellfish tasting, which consisted of seared scallops ontop of bacon, sauteed spinach, & a potato cake.  The saltiness of the bacon went very well with the scallops, spinach and potato.  It also came with a whole Maine Lobster that had a stuffing in the shell.  It also came with King Crab & Caviar Butter; Lobster Mac & Cheese.  The Lobster Mac & Cheese had a distinctive taste to it, when my friend and I took a bite into it it had a sweet taste to it before it got to the cheesy goodness.  My friend got the Truffled chicken which consisted of Procini Mushrooms, roasted root vegetables & Winter Truffles.  The dish was fantastic & the chicken was very tender.  The Berry Truffle consisted of angel food cake, blueberries, strawberries, champagne & fresh berry caviar.  It was a great ending to the dinner.  I didn’t realize what was at the end until I got to it.  It was a bit mushy, but I finally realized it was the angel food cake soaked with champagne & the juices from the berry, it was a refreshing ending.

The Low: The first course consisted of a Blue Fin Toro Tasting.  I didn’t really like this course.  It came packaged as Sashimi Tartar, seared & topped with a dapple of caviar.  Each one tasted like it had been sitting out too long…..not fishy, but dry.  I could have done without this dish.

Would you come back again? Yes,  I hear their kobe sliders are fantastic & doughnuts are a must try.

More Info: www.bellagio.com.  Reservations recommended.  Look to spend on average $55+ per person based on a 3 course dinner.

Sniper Tam *Pew Pew Pew*