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Orange County: Freebirds

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The Skinny: I’ve been hearing about this place for years and mostly from all my UCSB friends. Being that we live in the HUB of great Mexican Taquerias you can understand this Angelino’s Skeptical outlook on the hype aurounding the Freebirds burrito.  Walking up to the place you could hear a familiar rock tune and you could smell a familiar smell of Carne Asada and other Grilled Meats.  Walking in you see the Chopper hanging from the ceiling and random foil Sculptures that looked like a two year old went postal on box of Reynolds.  As you walk to the counter to order you realize you’re in something that resembles a Chipotle on Acid.

The High: High is right…I could definitely see stoners, potheads, green fiends, etc…going crazy at this spot and ordering a 15 dollar burrito, and yes it is possible to make your burrito 15 dollars.  I had the Carne Asada and it was pretty tender and there tons of options which may or may not be a good thing.

The Low: The Tomatillo “Hot Sauce”  was ummmm…not hot…especially for a place that looked like Dog the Bounty Hunter rolled his pseudo badassness all over it.  The burritos are decent…but my biggest complaint is that you pay 8 dollars for a burrito and you don’t even get a drink or CHIPS!?  On top of that I don’t really enjoy watching the workers shoot my guac and sour cream all over my burrito with a calking gun (GROSS).

Would I go to again? I’d probably give it a second try at another location to see if it was any different…

More info: www.freebirds.com



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  2. The Freebirds that are popping up in Southern California (there’s one next to USC too) belong to the Freebirds franchise, headquartered in College Station, TX. The Freebirds in Santa Barbara (technically Goleta) does not–but it belongs to one of the original co-founders of Freebirds, which is why the name still remains (I actually carried out a Twitter-conversation with the Freebirds Twitter-er about this).

    The Freebirds by UCSB is head and shoulders above the franchise locations that have been popping up down here. I visited the USC location during their opening week and was severely disappointed. Every time there is a Freebirds craving, a small group of friends and I just make the insane 110 mile drive out (since it’s open 24 hours).

    June 28, 2011 at 5:59 am

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