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Music Related: Chloe Chaidez of Kitten


Bieber is everywhere.  Bieber Bieber Bieber.

I don’t hate the kid, but force him enough upon adults and one can’t help but be annoyed with him.  It’s okay if he was just a successful child pop-star with connections up the gazoo, but to put him on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, CSI Las Vegas, in the NBA All-stars, on the script of the Rock’s return to WWE, and every damn place that isn’t just for tweens; his handlers are asking for it.  There’s no doubt he doesn’t suck at what he does, but that won’t matter when he’s there like news about Charlie Sheen with his cocaine, Britney Spears when she was off her meds, and Lindsey Lohan going to jail….again.  It has become a matter of “I don’t care and yet America thinks I should.”

So what’s an alternative that will flush the Bieber right out?  How about 16 year old Dexter fan and musician, Chloe Chaidez from the LA band Kitten.  Rather than glamoring it up with the socialites in the bling industry and catering to tweens, Chloe and her band-mates have been working the grind by touring with (one of my favorite bands) Young the Giants. Inspired by the likes of Karen O, Bright Eyes and Cat Power to write songs, she has already performed with Bands of Horses and Midlake when she was just 11.

While it does feel silly saying that I listen to a 16 year old in a band called Kitten, her music is anything but childish.  She got vocals that does remind me of Karen O and according to a friend, Meiko.  I haven’t seen any of her live acts, but it’s been noted by music fans at SXSW that she can throw down like a veteran rock-star.  And while the comparison to Bieber shouldn’t be made at all since they are just different, the best part Chloe Chaidez is that we aren’t commercially forced to believe she’s the second coming of Michael Jackson.  Instead, we can just watch her grow as an artist and improve as a performer….and hopefully have a full life that isn’t damaging to the liver.

myspace: check out the Winona Ryder Demo.


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