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Santa Barbara’s Burger Bus

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The Skinny: The Burger Bus can be found in Santa Barbara, California and yes, the truck is an actual school bus. Owners Cheryl and Michael Gardner rely on local produce and ingredients from the farmer’s market and uses 100% grass fed free range beef from Shalhoob Meat Company.

The High: I ordered the CB&J burger which is a beef patty topped with melted cheese, onions, a seasonal  habanero jelly, and sandwiched between a toasted ciabatta.  From the moment they put the meat on the grill I could tell I was going to enjoy it even though the concept of a Cheeseburger with jelly seems kind of odd.  Usually, most burger restaurants don’t season their meat at all, but from the Burger Bus,  I could smell the black pepper (and probably salt if it had a smell) perfuming the fresh air .  When I took a bite of the burger itself, the play on the savory with the sweet reminded me of eating a peppery steak dinner with a side of spicy Chinese food.  The CB&J was tasty to say the least and the beef was beefy, however I didn’t really notice the cheese.

With that burger, I also got fried pickles which came out looking Chicken McNuggets but tasted like dilled zucchini.  The zing of the crispy pickles was balanced out nicely with the complimentary ranch dressing the Burger Bus Lady gave me.  They were simply delicious.

The Low: The Burger Bus is in Santa Barbara and I live in LA, so I can’t try the rest of their burgers.

Would you come back again? Only if I’m in Santa Barbara, but even still, it’s worth seeking out if you’re in the area.

More Info: twitter.com/TheBurgerBus for locaion.  They also have Fried Yams, Falafel and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.  Expect to pay aroune 12-13 bucks for a burger and side.

– MJ


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